Download the Detailed Findings Report for a comprehensive documentation and analysis of the research conducted between 2016-2018.

For more information, also see our Narrative Change Strategy. 

Research has been the cornerstone of the first phase of the project. The Reclaiming Native Truth project carried out an unprecedented research campaign designed to increase our understanding of the dominant narrative about Native Americans in the United States. The research included literature reviews and environmental scans, focus groups with a variety of populations across the country, countless interviews with a range of audiences, a deep-dive social listening exploration, and more.

Accomplishments by the Numbers

Our research included a combination of literature reviews, social listening, focus groups, online focus groups, national surveys and in-depth interviews, as detailed below.


comprehensive literature reviews conducted on existing public opinion research on Native peoples and on the strengths and limitations of narrative frameworks to transform negative stereotypes by challenging implicit bias and misperceptions


focus groups completed in 11 states and nationally online (see map on previous page)


message-testing discussion groups: 6 in-person groups with Native Americans representing 21 different tribes, 2 each in Oklahoma, Phoenix and Minneapolis; and 4 online groups of non-Natives with diverse participants.


in-depth interviews completed amount "elites," including members of Congress; former political appointees; judges; foundation officials; and civil rights, business and entertainment leaders.


respondents to nationally representative surveys on key issues and perceptions regarding Native peoples


Facebook and Twitter posts on cultural appropriation and Native peoples analyzed

4.9 million

social media posts analyzed from Twitter, Facebook, 300 million blogs, and other social media platforms to uncover the dominant narratives around Native Americans and how the conversations differ across channels, demographics and influencers.

This project was guided by a 20-person Advisory Committee.

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